Claw Foot Bathtubs for sale
Amazing results every time with Special-T Bathtub Restoration

claw foot bathtubs for sale. Nanaimo antique claw foot bathtubs professionally reglazed with a 5 five year guarantee. Find us at We have been reglazing bathtubs in the Nanaimo and Central Vancouver Island area since 2004.

SAM_3048 Cast Iron Clawfoot Tubs feel better and stronger, last generations longer and maintain heat better |providing longer soaking times If you plan to mount additional hardware like a Clawfoot Tub Shower directly to your Tub, you may need to go to Cast Iron in order to support the extra weight of these fixtures. The downside is Cast Iron Tubs are heavy indeed, making them sometimes unsuitable for upstairs bathrooms. A Cast Iron tub will definitely make your contractor complain as it takes four people to lift. Cast Iron Tubs are also more expensive than Acrylic, but in recent years prices have come down a bit due to high demand.


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