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Is Bathtub Reglazing Right For You?


Are you getting ready to remodel your bathroom or would you like to in
the future? Perhaps your budget is not as large as you would like and you
are worried about what you will be able to accomplish with limited
funds. Bathtub reglazing may be the answer.

For more than three decades, it has been possible to restore bathtubs to
their former glory with a re-glazing process. However, even though this
process has been around for such a long time, most homeowners are not
aware that it is a possibility.

It is not only bathtubs that benefit from re-glazing. Sinks, arborite
counter-tops and ceramic tile are some of the other options that can be
restored. When the process is completed correctly, the results are
amazing. If you were looking at two bathtubs, one new and one that had
undergone the re-glazing process, it would be very difficult to figure
out which one was which.

Even though bathtub reglazing has been around for such a long time,
advances in technology have really made a difference in this process
recently. The results last longer, look better and are not harsh on the

Fiberglass tubs were designed to last a long time. They are perfect for
the re-glazing process because it would be very expensive to take the
old tub out and put a new one in. Therefore, a more reasonable option
would be restoring the tub so that it looks great again.

Re-glazing is also possible for tiles. If you would like to do something
different with the tiles in your bathroom, consider updating them in
this manner. As with bathtubs, it is much cheaper to do so than to
completely replace them.

While you can re-glaze a sink as well, that is often not the best
option. Look into replacing it, as the cost is not that high.

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